12 killed in gun attacks in Nigeria

According to reports in the national press, Fulani members engaged in animal husbandry carried out attacks in the Tattara Mada region of Nasarawa province.

In the attack, 12 people lost their lives and many were injured.

Nasarawa Province Governor Abdullahi Sule condemned the attack, saying the village of Tattara Mada was a peaceful place but was destroyed by Fulani who attacked the community.

Sule stated that security forces were dispatched to the region and investigations were initiated regarding the incident.

The northern and central part of Nigeria is the scene of occasional violent clashes between the Fulani and some farming tribes.

Nomadic Fulani claim that farmers tried to steal their animals and attacked them.

Spreading over many countries of West and Central Africa, the Fulani are known as Africa’s largest semi-nomadic tribe with a population of around 40 million.

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