14 people taken hostage by armed gangs in Nigeria rescued

[Fotoğraf: Reuters (Arşiv)]

Zamfara Police Spokesperson Mohammed Shehu said in a statement that an operation was carried out against armed gangs in the Munhaye forest in the province.

Shehu noted that 14 people, including 5 children, who were taken hostage by armed gangs, were rescued during the operation.

Noting that the rescued people were held hostage for about 68 days, Shehu shared that these people were sent to the hospital for control.

Shehu said that many armed gang members were neutralized in the operation, and the gangs’ shelters were also destroyed.

Zamfara province has been facing attacks by armed gang members for 5 years. The state government had announced that armed gang members caught due to the increasing security problems in the state would be tried by death penalty.

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