1539 police officers accused of violence against women in 6 months in England and Wales

According to the report of the National Police Chiefs’ Council on violence against women and girls, the police reported some of the crimes committed by the police officers in the 6-month period.

According to the report, 653 complaints against 672 police officers were made by police officers, while citizens made a total of 524 complaints against 867 police officers.

While using disproportionate force constituted 63 percent of the complaints made by citizens, the second highest complaint was bullying with 9 percent, and the third highest complaint was sexual assault with 6 percent.

According to the report, while a total of 1539 police officers were accused of violence against women and girls, 13 of these police officers were dismissed.

The statements of Farah Nazeer, CEO of the British Women’s Aid Federation, were also included in the report. Noting that more than 500 thousand violent crimes were committed against women throughout the country in the same period, Nazeer underlined that only 6 percent of the attackers were punished.

Noting that the penalty rates are unacceptably low, Nezeer said, “These statistics are at a level that will affect women’s already low trust in the justice system at an alarming level.” made its assessment.

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