190 people died in Malawi due to Hurricane Freddy

The National Disaster Management Administration announced the updated data on the loss of life caused by the hurricane, which started to be effective in the country yesterday.

In the statement, it was shared that approximately 190 people have lost their lives and 584 people have been injured due to Hurricane Freddy so far.

It was recorded that 37 people disappeared due to the hurricane.

Many homes were damaged by flooding caused by strong winds and rain.

In addition, due to floods and floods, some areas in the city cannot be accessed.

Hurricane Freddy had reached the country yesterday.

The World Meteorological Organization announced that Freddy, which formed for the first time last month and affected Madagascar on February 21 and Mozambique 3 days later, could be the longest lasting hurricane in history.

Due to the hurricane, approximately 226 thousand people in Madagascar and 163 thousand people in Mozambique were adversely affected.

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