3 members of the “Independent Workers’ People’s Council” were detained in Kazakhstan

In the statement of the Northern Kazakhstan Prosecutor’s Office, it was noted that 3 people were detained in Petropavl as part of the investigation launched after the images on the establishment of the “Workers People’s Council” were previously published on social media.

“During the investigation, it was determined that on March 19, 2023, a meeting of the members of the “workers people’s council” group of 20 people, who positioned themselves as the heirs of the Soviet Union, was held in the building of the North Kazakhstan University in Petropavl.

At the meeting, it was stated that the “council members” accepted a declaration stating that they did not recognize the legitimacy of Kazakhstan and rejected its independence, referring to the constitutional order and territorial integrity of the country, and the expression “Signs of separatism have been detected after the examinations”.

It was reported that a lawsuit was filed against 3 suspects, as per articles of separatism and making propaganda that undermines the security of the state, and that up to 10 years in prison could be an indisputable penalty measure in accordance with these articles.

In the statement, it was stated that the 3 people who were detained at the moment were placed in the pre-trial detention center, and it was informed that an objective and comprehensive legal assessment would be made to the other participants of the meeting.

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