4 political parties in Finland will come together for coalition talks

According to Finland’s YLE news agency, Orpo must form an alliance with either the Social Democratic Party led by former Prime Minister Sanna Marin or the right-wing True Finns Party to secure a majority in parliament.

Orpo, whose views are included in the news, said, “Social democrats have a different view from us on solving current problems. Therefore, they will not take part in the negotiations at the moment.” used the phrases.

Noting that they are facing great difficulties, Orpo said, “Next week we will start negotiations with the True Finns Party, the Swedish People’s Party and the Christian Democrats Party to form a government.” made its assessment.

Saying that economic policies may be the biggest point of disagreement forcing reconciliation, Orpo added that it will “probably” not be easy to agree on budget decisions.

Rikka Purra, leader of the True Finns Party, also stressed that his party is determined to form a majority government and that there is no problem too big to negotiate.

Selection results

In Finland, the conservative National Coalition Party finished ahead with 20.8 percent, while the True Finns Party received 20.1 percent and the Social Democratic Party, led by former Prime Minister Sanna Marin, received 19.9 percent.

The Swedish People’s Party, which will take part in the possible four-way coalition, received 4.3 percent and the Christian Democrats Party 4.2 percent.

According to the results, the National Coalition Party had 48 seats in the 200-seat Finnish parliament, the True Finns Party had 46, the Social Democratic Party 43, the Center Party 23, the Green Union 13 and the Left Alliance with 11 deputies. In addition, the Swedish People’s Party had 9 MPs and the Christian Democrats Party 5 MPs. The remaining seats were shared between the Center Party, “Movement Now” parties and independent candidates.

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