45 percent of Americans want Trump to be blamed

According to a poll by ABC News/Ipsos, nearly half of the US public thinks Trump is guilty.

According to the survey, 45 percent of respondents felt that Trump should be blamed in the case in question, while 32 percent opposed the charges. 23 percent of the participants stated that they did not know about the accusations.

On a party basis, 88 percent of Democrats said Trump should be punished for the Manhattan Attorney General’s investigation, while 62 percent of Republican respondents disagreed with the charges.

Only 16 percent of Republicans said that Trump could face charges against him, while the remaining 12 percent chose not to express an opinion.

On the other hand, 47 percent of the respondents, regardless of their party affiliation, stated that they believed the accusations were politically motivated, while this rate increased to 79 percent among Republicans.

The survey was conducted on 593 people randomly selected at the national level between 31 March and 1 April.

Trump will become the first ex-president in American history to appear in court on April 4 for the charges against him.

Trump, who is a candidate for the 2024 presidential election in the USA, announced on March 18 that he expects the Manhattan District Attorney to arrest porn star Stormy Daniels in connection with the investigation in which she paid a hush share during the 2016 Presidential election, and therefore called for protests.

Trump described the verdict of the jury’s trial against him as “political” and argued that it was “interference in the elections”.

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