56 wild animals seized in Mexico

In the city of La Barca, located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, security forces captured many wild animals in the area they raided. In the statement made by the Mexican Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGR), it was stated that a total of 56 wild animals were seized, including 10 tigers, 6 jaguars, 5 lions, 3 vultures, 2 eagles and 2 pelicans, as a result of a search in a large area.

Officials stated that the military personnel of the Mexican Ministry of Security noticed the animals in the area during their routine control patrol in the region, and then they carried out a raid with the authorization they received from the Federal Ministry of Public Affairs (MPF).

It was stated that the captured wild animals were handed over to the Federal Ministry of Public Affairs (MPF), which will conduct the investigation into the incident, and no information was given about whether anyone was arrested during the operation.

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