57 guards and 7 policemen held hostage in 6 prisons in Ecuador

In the statement made by the National Prisons Agency (SNAI), it was stated that inmates in 6 prisons in Ecuador forcibly detained 57 guards and 7 police officers, and that this action was taken in response to the raid by the police and military units on the prison in Anda Latacunga on 30 August.

In his statement to the press, Minister of Interior Juan Zapata also stated that all the guards and policemen are being held in Cuenca prison, “This incident is an action against public forces as the police confiscated prohibited tools used in violent acts. We are concerned about the safety of our public employees.” used the phrase.

In the videos allegedly posted to social media from Cuenca Prison, it was stated that the police and the guards called for a solution to the government for their release.

Local media reported that the security forces were preparing for a large-scale operation to rescue the guards and police officers.

On the other hand, it was noted that there was a riot attempt in the Virgilio Guerrero Prison in the capital, Kito, and the second and third floors were set on fire, but the fire was extinguished as a result of the timely intervention of the fire brigade.

Police and military units, which carried out an operation in And Latacunga, one of the prisons where violence is the most intense in the country, seized a large number of ammunition and explosives.

After the operation, the gang leaders in prison were transferred to other prisons for security purposes.

After the incident, two bomb-laden vehicles were detonated in the center of the capital, Kito, with an interval of 8 hours, and 6 people were detained.

Drug gangs in Ecuador

Ecuador, neighboring Peru and Colombia, is used as a transit point for the drug trade from these countries.

Due to the regional struggles of drug gangs in the country, many people die every year.

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