618 people died from dengue fever in Bangladesh

In the statement made by the Bangladesh Health Services General Directorate (DHGS), it was stated that 342 people died from dengue fever in August, and the total deaths increased to 618 in 2023.

In the DHGS statement, it was noted that the total number of cases in the country was approximately 127,700.

In the statement, it was reported that 17 of the deaths in 24 hours occurred in Dhaka and the capital city was the place where dengue fever was most common, bringing the total death toll to 456.

DGHS Spokesperson Dr. Nazmul Islam, in a statement, invited people with the virus to apply to the hospital “on time”.

dengue fever

Dengue fever, which is seen in tropical and subtropical regions, is transmitted to humans through mosquitoes. The disease, which generally causes mild fever after the incubation period, can cause death in some cases.

Cases increase in March, June, September and December, which are generally known as rainy seasons.

Scientists warn that high temperatures and prolonged rainfall are causing an increase in mosquitoes that carry malaria and dengue fever.

Since the mosquito species causing the disease forms larvae in the puddles, the possible breeding areas need to be sprayed constantly.

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