8,942 reports of sexual assault were reported in the US military in 2022

The U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) has released its “sexual assault” report for fiscal year 2022.

Accordingly, 8,942 reports of sexual assault were made against American soldiers by soldiers, civilian personnel, other civilian and foreign military members in the army.

While 5,941 of the aforementioned reports were reported to the relevant command and law enforcement officers, 3 thousand 1 reports were recorded as cases that have not been declassified yet but were given medical and psychological support.

While 7 thousand 958 of the notifications came from soldiers, 44 from civilian ministry personnel, 14 from contract personnel, 698 from other civilians and 41 from foreign soldiers, the source of 187 notifications was not specified.

While the total number of sexual assault reports was 8,866 in the 2021 fiscal year, 3,928 of the 8,942 reports received in the 2022 fiscal year were concluded. 3 thousand 188 of these finalized denunciations were handled by the relevant command.

While the command obtained sufficient evidence about 2,117 of them, 1,31 of them were referred to the judicial authorities, and 40 of them were found to be unfounded.

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