A security guard in Ecuador was tied to dynamite and left on the street.

[Fotoğraf: Ekvator Ulusal Polisi]

According to Vice, the incident occurred in the port city of Guayaquil in the western part of the country. Local media reported that either the security guard or the shopkeepers refused to pay tribute to the criminals.

Authorities believe the criminals then kidnapped the security guard.

In the video shared on social media, it is seen that the victim was walking on the street anxiously from side to side.

Police teams quickly closed the area to pedestrian access and directed the bomb disposal experts. The dynamites were removed without a problem after three hours of work. The bomb was then detonated in a controlled manner.

Luis Molnia, one of the first witnesses to see the security and contact the police, described those moments as follows:

“We were scared when we saw him. The man didn’t know whether to move or not. He was helpless and trembling. We all ran to the local police officer and warned him.”

Police chief Fausto Salinas congratulated the police and the bomb squad that intervened.

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