Aaron, the search and rescue dog who came to Turkey, died

In a post on the Colombian Red Cross Twitter page, he stated that they promised one of their four-legged heroes with great sadness and grief, and said, “You have always voluntarily stood by those who need help. You have accompanied us in many places and in our humanitarian missions, one of the leaders in the earthquake disaster in Turkey. Rest in peace, you will always be remembered Aaron!”

Noting that the Turkish people will not forget the solidarity shown by their Colombian friends and Aaron’s courage, the Turkish Embassy in Bogota also shared on its social media account, “We learned with great sadness that our Colombian friend Aaron, who took part in the search and rescue efforts after the earthquake disaster in our country, passed away.” made its assessment.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Bogota, Beste Pehlivan Sun, shared a photo she took with “Aaron” on February 14 on her social media account, saying, “Aaron is a hero the Turkish people will never forget because of his courage!” used the phrase.

Colombia sent a team of 20 experts to Turkey on February 14 to support the victims of earthquakes. The team of 20 experts was accompanied by 8 specially trained dogs, including Aaron.

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