Abaya is banned in public schools in France

Drawing attention with its racist attitude towards the Muslim community, France signed another discriminatory decision.

The abaya, which is worn by Muslim students, was banned in public schools.

Gabriel Attal, the Minister of Education of France, announced the ban decision: “When you enter a classroom, you should not be able to identify the religion of the students by looking at them.” He said the dress, called abaya, would be banned in public schools.

“A political offensive tool”

The decision sparked controversy among politicians.

Government Spokesperson Olivier Veran called the abaya and similar clothing a “political offensive tool”.

Right-wing politicians announced that they found the ban justified.

Left-wing party representatives, on the other hand, argued that the rights of Muslims were violated.

The decision will come into effect on Sept.

The decision will take effect from September 4, when the new school year will begin.

Similar decisions have been taken in the country before.

It was forbidden to wear a veil in public places and to wear a headscarf in public schools.

It was also forbidden to wear a kippah.

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