Airline companies will be held responsible for delays and cancellations in the US

US President Joe Biden and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg made statements at the White House about the steps they will take to protect consumers and reduce costs when it comes to airline flight cancellations and delays.

Noting that the airline industry is an important part of the economy, Biden said, “However, I know how disappointed many of you are with the service you receive from US airlines.”

Biden said that many people have suffered due to the recent disruptions in American airlines, and that this is “unacceptable”.

Biden stated that if flight cancellations or delays are caused by the fault of the airline companies, the companies will cover the costs of re-booking, hotel and meals, adding that this is an important step for middle and lower class families.

In this context, Biden pointed to a study showing that the European Union obliges airlines to compensate passengers for flight delays, which reduces the number of flight delays.

In addition, Biden reported that many major airlines have agreed that parents can sit side-by-side with their children at no cost.

Transportation Minister Buttigieg also noted that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is using new technologies to determine more efficient flight routes that reduce time and cost, due to the recent disruptions in flights.

Expressing that airline companies must accept their responsibilities in order to provide better service to passengers, Buttigieg added that otherwise they will do what is necessary.

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