Alleged corruption in pilot licenses in Greece

According to the news in the Greek media, the gang that provided pilot licenses to pilot candidates in exchange for money was identified by the police, and a 70-year-old person, two gang members and two pilot candidates were detained on charges of gang leader.

According to the news, which allegedly paid between 8 and 25 thousand euros for the illegal pilot’s license, it was stated that the 70-year-old gang leader, who was detained, had worked for Olimpic Airlines in the past.

The lawyer of the 70-year-old suspect, who was accused of obtaining a pilot’s license in exchange for money, spoke to Mega TV, stating that the suspect denied the accusations and said, “The possibility of helping an acquaintance of my client in the exams does not mean that it is related to obtaining a false license.” he said.

In the news, it was claimed that pilot candidates who had difficulty in passing the license exams were given copies of technological tools in the exams, that some candidates were given a license without taking the exam, or that they were directed to exam centers abroad.

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