Alleged new mass poisoning cases in Iran

Mass poisoning cases of female students continue in Iran.

The images that were recently shared on social media in the country and that some girls’ schools in the cities of Tabriz, Senendec, Urmia and Kerec were allegedly poisoned with chemical gas drew a great reaction.

In the shared images, it was seen that some female students were sitting on the ground unconscious due to the effect of poisoning and had difficulty breathing, while ambulances were waiting in front of the school.

While the Iranian authorities have not yet made a statement on the subject, social media users stated that the poisonings were seen in a total of 5 girls’ schools, namely Nesibe High School in the city of Senendaj, Ferzangan High School in the city of Urmia, Muhammed Baqer High School in the city of Keraj, Melekzade Primary School in Keraj and Aseman Primary School in Tabriz. He claimed.

Mass poisoning cases of students in Iran

The first poisonings in the country were seen on November 30, 2022, when 18 students from Nur Technical High School in Kum were hospitalized.

Mohammad Hasan Asferi, Member of the Iranian Parliament Investigation Commission on Poisoning Cases, announced that more than 5 thousand students were poisoned in the mass poisoning cases that occurred in 230 schools in 25 provinces in Iran since November 30.

Iran’s Religious Leader Ali Khamenei, in his statement regarding the poisoning of female students, called the poisoning cases a “crime against humanity” and instructed the authorities to take the incident seriously and punish the perpetrators in the most severe way.

Iranian Judicial Head Muhsin Ejei, on the other hand, said that those who carried out the attacks that spread to schools across the country and targeted female students would be put on trial for “making mischief in the world”.

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