Anyone who jumps into a canal from a three-story building in Venice will be given a certificate of stupidity

In Italy, the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, commented on the viral video of the tourist jumping from a three-story building into the canal on his Twitter account and said that he would give the tourist a ‘certificate of stupidity and a lot of kicks’.

Sharing the video of what happened, Brugnaro stated that the man who shot the video and his accomplice would be detained.

In the video, a person wearing only underwear is seen jumping from the roof of the building into the canal on his stomach.

More than 40 tourists were arrested last year for swimming (sometimes naked) in the canals of Venice, and one person was arrested for surfing the Grand Canal.

Elsewhere, an American tourist has been fined for causing $25,000 worth of damage after throwing his e-scooter off the Spanish Steps in Rome.

A Saudi tourist has been fined after driving down the Spanish Steps in a rented Maserati.

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