Appointed members of the State Council, which functions as a cabinet in China

At the 1st General Assembly of the 14th term of the Chinese National People’s Congress (CNC) in the capital Beijing, Prime Minister Li Chiang submitted the Cabinet list to the Assembly for approval.

The State Council, chaired by Prime Minister Li, was approved by voting on the 31-member State Council list consisting of 4 deputy prime ministers, 5 state ministers, and heads of ministers, commissions and affiliated bodies.

Former CCP General Office Director Ding Shuexiang, who was elected to the 7-member Standing Committee, the party’s highest governing body, at the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in October 2022, became the First Deputy Prime Minister.

Hi Lifing, Cang Guoching, and Liu Guocong, who were elected to the 25-member Political Bureau, the party’s highest decision-making body, at the CCP Congress, were appointed as other deputy prime ministers.

Wu Cinglong was elected as the General Secretary of the State Council, while Shin Yin, who was appointed as the Minister of State Security, Li Sangfu, who was appointed as the Ministry of Defense, China Gang, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Wang Xiaohong, the Minister of Public Security, were appointed to other State Council members with the status of “minister of state”.

With the determination of the prime minister, deputy prime ministers and state ministers, the 10-member State Council Standing Committee was formed, which was deemed to be authorized to take decisions on behalf of the entire cabinet.

In the new cabinet, Cing Shanjie as the Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, Huai Cinping as the Ministry of Education, Wang Cigang as the Ministry of Science and Technology, Cin Cuanglong as the Ministry of Industry and Information, Pan Yue as the Chairman of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission, Tang Dingcie as the Ministry of Citizenship Affairs, Hi Rong as the Ministry of Justice, Liu Kun to the Ministry of Finance, Wang Xiaoping to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Wang Guanghua to the Ministry of Natural Resources, Huang Runqiu to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ni Hong to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Li Xiaoping to the Ministry of Transportation, Li Guoying to the Ministry of Agriculture and Tang Rincien was appointed to the Ministry of Rural Affairs, Wang Vintao to the Ministry of Commerce, Hu Hiping to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ma Xiaovey to the Chairman of the National Health Commission, Pey Cincia to the Ministry of Ex-Combat Soldiers, and Wang Xiangshi to the Ministry of Emergency Management.

Yi Gang was appointed as the Chairman of the Bank of China (PBOC) and Hou Kai as the Chief Auditor of the National Treasurer’s Office.

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