Approval of pension reform in France provoked reactions

After the Constitutional Council in France approved the main lines of the government’s controversial pension reform, politicians announced their reactions on their Twitter accounts.

Mathilde Panot, Member of Parliament from the Unyielding France (LFI) party, said: “The French people are witnessing the last struggles of a gasping regime. The decision of the Constitutional Council is an indication of this.” commented.

Panot, arguing that the reform is still unfair and not legitimate, stated that President Emmanuel Macron should not enact this reform.

Opponents of reform said “continue” the struggle

Former presidential candidate from the LFI party, Jean-Luc Melenchon, gave the message that “the struggle continues” against reform.

Marine Le Pen, the ex-presidential candidate of the far-right National Unity (RN) party, emphasized that the people always have the last word, and stated that it is in the hands of the people to prepare the change that will lead to the withdrawal of the referendum, which he described as “unfair”.

After the council’s decision, Fabien Roussel, General Secretary of the Communist Party of France (PCF) and deputy, said: “We are now on a volcano. I am calling to the people: On May 1, everyone to the streets!” used the phrase.

The Socialist Party (PS) has announced that if pension reform is enacted, it will present a bill to parliament to overturn it.

Unions will not meet with the government until May 1

In a joint statement made by the leading unions of the country, they reacted to the decision of the Constitutional Council and stated that they would not accept any meeting request of the government.

Explaining that they support the strikes and actions against the reform, the unions called on all employees to take action on 1 May.

“There are no winners or losers tonight”

On the other hand, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne made a statement on Twitter regarding the decision of the Constitutional Council.

Noting that the reform bill has completed its democratic process, Borne said, “There is neither winner nor loser this evening.” made its assessment.

Meanwhile, the French channel BFMTV reported that the government plans to enact pension reform this weekend.


Mass demonstrations in France, which started on 16 March, continue after the government’s decision to pass the bill, which includes increasing the retirement age from 62 to 64, without voting.

Violence is taking place in many parts of the country between the police and the demonstrators, who intervened violently in the demonstrations.

More than 1,000 people have been detained in protests across the country since March 16.

The opposition and government had applied to the Constitutional Council to determine whether the reform was constitutional.

While the Council approved the article of the draft law that increased the retirement age to 64; It rejected, in whole or in part, the 6 articles on reform.

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