Attack on historic fountain in Italy with coal-based liquid

The historical fountain, built by the famous Italian architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the 17th century, was the scene of a protest action by climate activists called “The Last Generation (Ultima Generazione)”.

4 demonstrators, who opened a banner reading “Let’s not pay for fossil fuels”, entered the historical fountain and poured coal-based liquid. Due to the action, the water in the fountain was painted black.

The demonstrators said, “Our future is black like this water. Without water, there is no life.” he chanted.

Many visitors who were around during the protest reacted to the activists.

The activists, who showed passive resistance to the intervention of the security forces, were forcibly removed from the fountain.

Climate activists poured black coal-based liquid into the 17th-century Barcaccia fountain in front of the Spanish Steps in Rome, again in April.

Activists attacked the historic Vecchio Palace, which was used as the Municipality of Florence, and the Vittorio Emanuele 2 Monument in Milan in March, both of which drew the reaction of many people.

In Italy, the right-wing coalition government, as a result of the increasing actions of climate activists against cultural assets, adopted a new bill on April 11 that imposes financial penalties on actions that harm cultural heritage and sent it to the parliament for approval.

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