Attack on Quran and Turkish flag in Denmark

The Turkish flag and the Quran were attacked again in front of the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen by a member of the marginal group called Patrioterne Gar Live (Patriots Live) in Denmark, who is an Islamophobe and ultra-nationalist.

The provocateur, who opened anti-Islamic banners, chanted slogans insulting Islam, and disrespectfully attacked the Turkish flag, shared these moments live on his Twitter account.

As the voting process started yesterday in Denmark within the scope of the General Elections for the President and the 28th Term of Parliament in Turkey, Turkish voters who came to the embassy to vote reacted to this provocation.

One of the Turkish citizens encountered the intervention of the Danish police as he lifted the Turkish flag from the ground and warned the provocateur.

While the police warned Turkish citizens not to “interfere with this provocation”, they continued to take precautions around the provocateur.

The majority of Turkish citizens who came to vote verbally reacted to the provocateur, saying that such an action was unacceptable and not right.

While there was no violence during the provocation, it was stated that the Danish authorities informed the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen in advance and took the necessary security measures.

After the demonstration, Turkey’s reaction, warnings and expectations were reported to the Danish authorities.

Türkiye reacted to the attacks

The anti-Islamic and ultra-nationalist Payrioterne Gar Live group attacked the Koran and the Turkish flag in front of the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen on 24 and 31 March and on 14 April in Denmark.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey condemned these attacks.

In a statement made by the Ministry, “We once again condemn the vile attack against our holy book, the Quran and our glorious flag, in Denmark. Despite all our warnings, it is unacceptable to allow these vile attacks under the guise of freedom of expression.” statements were included.

Far-right Paludan burned the Quran

Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the Danish far-right Tight Direction Party (Stram Kurs), burned the Quran in front of the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen and near a mosque in Copenhagen on 27 January.

No one was allowed to come near Paludan during the protests held under crowded police protection.

Reactions came from the authorities of the Republic of Turkey to Paludan’s provocation.

Istanbul Bar Association No. 2 filed a criminal complaint against Paludan with the Copenhagen Police on April 18.

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