Bakers in France applied to the Council of State due to high electricity bills

According to reports in the country’s press, the association of independent bakers demands that the “tariff shield”, which limits the increase in electricity prices for large enterprises to 15 percent, covers all bakers.

The lawyer of the association, Christophe Leguevaques, announced that they have filed a complaint with the State Council so that all bakers can benefit from the government’s incentive premiums for electricity bills.

In the statement made by the association, it was stated that bakers in France were going through a troubled period with the COVID-19 epidemic, and the increase in raw material and energy prices, especially butter, wheat, caused a dramatic decrease in turnover due to quarantines and closures.

It was stated in the statement that the “tariff shield” implemented by the government to prevent the increase in electricity prices was not fair, and it was requested that the 15 percent increase limit be applied to all small and large scale bakery enterprises.

In the statement, it was pointed out that electricity suppliers were also confused due to these measures taken by the government, and it was pointed out that if the incentive premium is not applied to all businesses, a significant part of these businesses will face the risk of closure and dismissal.

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