Ballots from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro were sent to Turkey

Voting was held on 5-7 May at the Turkish Embassy in Sarajevo and the Consulate Generals of Mostar and Banja Luka.

After the voting process, which ended at 21:00 local time yesterday, the envelopes that came out of the ballot boxes opened in the presence of polling officers and observers were stuffed into the bags of the Supreme Election Board (YSK) and sealed.

Afterwards, the bags containing the compasses and documents, which were taken to the locked room in the embassy accompanied by polling officials, were sent to Turkey by diplomatic couriers.

Ballot papers from the Western Balkan country of Serbia were sent to Turkey this morning by Turkish Airlines (THY) scheduled flight.

It was shared that more than 1200 Turkish citizens voted during the voting process, which continued on 6-7 May at the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade and the Consulate General of Novi Pazar.

In Montenegro, another Balkan country where ballot boxes were established for the first time for the elections in Turkey, the ballot papers were sent to Turkey by THY plane at 09:30 local time.

According to the information shared by the Embassy of Podgorica in Montenegro, where there are 1704 registered voters, according to YSK data, approximately 1060 voters cast their votes.

Voting has ended in many countries

The voting process, which started in the last week of April in some countries in Europe and in the first week of May in others, ended in many countries for the General Elections for the President and the 28th Term of Parliament to be held on 14 May in Turkey.

Voting will continue today in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark and France, where ballot boxes are set up for Turkish voters in Europe. Voting in these countries will be completed tomorrow.

Foreign votes will be kept at the ATO Congresium Exhibition Center.

After the voting process abroad ends tomorrow, the votes will be brought to Turkey by diplomatic couriers under high security, using the methods determined by the YSK.

These votes will be kept in the secure area at the ATO Congresium Fair Center in Ankara by the Presidency of the Overseas District Election Board.

Votes cast by foreign voters will be opened with other ballot boxes after the completion of the voting process on Sunday, May 14, at 17.00 in Turkey. Counting and casting of these votes will be done under the supervision of the Presidency of the Overseas District Election Board.

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