Barack Obama: Being away from the White House has been good for my marriage

In an interview with CBS Mornings, the host asked Obama about his wife Michelle Obama’s statement that her children were small and that she “couldn’t stand it” for the 10 years that coincided with Obama’s presidency, “How do you get back in (your wife’s) eye?” she asked the question.

“Let me just say, being away from the White House and spending a little more time with him definitely helps,” replied Obama, laughing.

Acknowledging the tension and stress that his wife had to struggle with while raising her children, Obama admitted that he could not appreciate his wife, and drew attention to the fact that her children grew up in an “unnormal” environment.

“The kids are doing well now. (My wife too) is more tolerant of all my faults,” Obama said.

“The gun issue has become ideological”

Former President Obama also referred to the increasing incidence of gun violence in the United States. Noting that having weapons in the country has become a “partisan issue” in a way that should not be, Obama commented, “The issue of owning weapons in this country has become an ideological issue.”

Stating that the issue of armament has become a tool in the arguments about “cultural wars” in the country, Obama noted that this issue should be handled with a multi-faceted approach.

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