Biden denies meddling in Israel’s internal affairs

Biden answered journalists’ questions on his return from his program in the state of North Carolina, in Durham as he boarded the plane and at the White House after landing.

When asked whether he was worried about Israel’s democracy, which was the scene of protests due to the judicial reform debate, Biden replied, “Like many strong supporters of Israel, I am very worried.”

Sharing the view that Israel is going through a difficult process and that they need to deal with it, Biden said he hopes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will abandon the judicial reform arrangement.

Biden said, “They can’t continue on this path. I kind of made that clear,” adding that he hoped Netanyahu would act in a way that would provide a real compromise.

Asked whether he would invite Netanyahu to Washington, Biden replied, “No, not soon.” Biden said he did not speak to Netanyahu on the phone, but conveyed his message to him through his country’s ambassador to Israel.

Biden, regarding the rhetoric about the US involvement in Israel’s internal affairs, said, “We do not interfere. They know my position on this matter. They know the position of America. They know the position of the American Jews.”

“Russia’s plan for Belarus is worrying”

Regarding Russia’s plan to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Biden said: “They haven’t done that yet.” said. “This is the kind of dangerous speech he (Russian President Vladimir Putin) is making, and it’s alarming,” Biden said.

Regarding the attack on a private school in Tennessee that killed 6 people, “Do you think Christians were targeted?” Biden replied, “I have no idea.”

Biden said he has not yet spoken to the families of those who lost their lives, but that they are working on it. On the other hand, Biden reiterated his call for disarmament, noting that people should not have offensive weapons.

On the other hand, regarding the banking crisis, Biden stated that they took the necessary steps as the administration and that the markets responded positively to this and that they continued to examine the situation.

Biden said that a rise in the terrorist threat level in Northern Ireland from “significant” to “serious”, indicating that an attack is highly likely, will not affect his planned visit to that country.

President Biden also said he will visit the state of Mississippi devastated by the tornado.

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