Biden: I trust New York police in case of pro-Trump protest

Biden went to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he visited a power plant that produces clean hydrogen.

Biden, in his speech here, touched upon the importance of fuel saving and clean energies. In this context, Biden talked about the investments they made under his administration.

Answering journalists’ questions before his speech, Biden replied, “No, I trust the New York Police Department,” when asked whether he was worried about any possible outburst about Trump’s trial in New York.

Asked whether he believes in the current legal system, Biden replied, “Yes.” gave the answer.

Call for peace from the White House

Answering questions on the plane they were traveling due to Biden’s program, White House Deputy Spokesperson Olivia Dalton also urged people to stay peaceful in case of protest.

New York Mayor Eric Adams stated at a press conference today that the necessary security measures were taken in the city against possible outbursts that may occur during the protests.

Trump’s accusation

Trump, who is a candidate for the 2024 presidential election in the USA, announced on March 18 that he expected the arrest of the Manhattan District Attorney regarding the investigation launched by the Manhattan District Attorney for adult movie star Stormy Daniels on the grounds that she paid “silence share” during the 2016 Presidential election, and therefore called for a protest.

Trump, who is expected to come to New York at this time and stay at his residence on 5th Street, is expected to go to the New York district court tomorrow for his statement.

In the US media, there is information that the indictment against Trump, which has not been released yet, has more than 30 charges, apart from paying “silence” and violating campaign laws.

Trump will be the first ex-president in American history to stand trial for an accusation against him.

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