Biden’s remarks caused comments about his mental fatigue

Biden’s statement to reporters that he would hold a “big press conference” at the end of his briefing yesterday on the country’s economy and the debt ceiling was met with surprise.

“We have a lot of work to do and I’m having a big press conference this afternoon,” Joe Biden said as he concluded the meeting. It was understood that the statements did not reflect the truth.

The White House stated that Biden was referring to a pre-scheduled interview.

Evaluating Biden’s statement at the press conference for journalists as his “new gaffe”, the US press brought up concerns about the 80-year-old leader’s second term presidency.

He blamed the media in the television interview he participated in the same day.

On the same day, US President Biden complained about the “negative” news in the media in an interview with the American MSNBC television.

Biden said of Stephanie Ruhle, “Despite all these wins, the weather is not very good in this country.” In response to his comment, “For three years, all they hear is negative news. Everything is negative. I do not criticize the press, but you turn on the TV, the only way to get hits is if there is something negative, you know…” used expressions.

The Democratic President said he had set up an executive group in his cabinet, called the “Second Cabinet,” and was “in a position to put most of what it can do into the new business”.

After two incidents on the same day, the US media used critical language about the mental acuity of Joe Biden, who is the oldest president in the country’s history.

On the other hand, according to RealClearPolitics, which conducts public opinion polls on politics, for the first time since the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan in August 2021, the rate of supporters of Biden’s presidency decreased to 43 percent.

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