Bill passed in the US that makes it harder for immigrants to enter the country

In the House of Representatives, lawmakers voted on a Republican bill proposing additional security measures such as rebuilding a wall on the southern US border and extracting DNA and biometric information from individuals, increasing funding for border guards, and imposing new restrictions on asylum seekers.

The bill was passed with 219 “yes” votes to 213 “no” votes.

It was noteworthy that Republican lawmakers Thomas Massie and John Duarte voted “no” to the bill.

The bill is not expected to pass the Democrat-dominated Senate.

“The strongest bill on border security”

Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy said: “Republicans have passed the most powerful border security bill this country has ever seen. This bill is the backdrop of the record crossings, negligence, and chaos that President (Joe) Biden has caused. protecting.” used the phrase.

Accusing the Biden administration of not being properly prepared for the problems that may arise due to the end of the “Article 42” application, which facilitates the deportation of irregular migrants, McCarthy emphasized that ensuring border security is their priority.

The bill in question was passed hours before the end of the “Article 42” application, which facilitates the deportation of irregular migrants.

The “article 42” regulation, which constitutes a part of the public health law, which was put into practice by the administration of former President Donald Trump in 2020 due to the “public health” due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, prohibits the deportation of irregular immigrants who demand humanitarian protection to Mexico by being rejected. was used to facilitate

The said application will end at 23:59 local time today.

It is stated that a large number of irregular migrants in areas close to the Mexican border are waiting for the abolition of Article 42 to enter the country.

“I want to be very clear, our borders are not clear. Anyone crossing our border illegally and without legal basis will be promptly processed and deported,” said US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Majorkas. had warned.

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