Body count rises to 227 in ‘hunger cult’ investigation in Kenya

In the “hunger cult” investigation, which led its followers to death fast, new corpses were found during the mass grave search efforts.

Coastal District Commissioner Rhoda Onyancha announced that new bodies were found in the investigation in which cult leader Paul Mackenzie was accused of terrorism, bringing the body count to 227.

Onyancha shared the information that the number of detainees has increased to 26 and that 611 people are still missing in the town of Malindi, where the sect is located.

On the other hand, in the examinations made after the suspicion of organ trade was frequently mentioned in the Kenyan press, it was understood that the organs of some people had been removed.

In autopsies, it was determined that some children died of suffocation.

The leader of the cult, Mackenzie, told the police at the beginning of the investigation that they would reach the dead bodies of 1000 people.

The Pastor of the Good News International Church, Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, told the people of his church that Hz. It was stated that he promised them to meet Jesus.

After Nthenge’s arrest, New Life Prayer Center and Church Pastor Ezekiel Odero, who was alleged to be involved in other crimes, was also detained and an investigation commission was established regarding the “hunger cult”.

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