Britain evacuates 1888 citizens from Sudan

In the statement made by the British Foreign Ministry, it was announced that the last evacuation plane took off from Wadi Saeedna airbase.

Pointing out that the evacuation operation is the largest and longest-lasting operation carried out by a western country, it was shared that 21 flights were made as of April 25.

In the statement, which stated that 1888 people were evacuated in total, it was noted that the focus will be on providing consular services to citizens going to Port Sudan, the city on the Red Sea coast of Sudan, and surrounding countries.

Foreign Minister James Cleverly, whose evaluations were included in the statement, said, “We will continue to use diplomatic instruments to ensure a long-term ceasefire and stop the bloodshed. It would be best to eventually switch to stable civilian rule for the safety and welfare of the Sudanese people.” used the phrases.

He had made the first evacuation on the 10th day of the fighting.

Britain evacuated diplomats and their families in Sudan on April 23, but British civilian civilians in the country reacted to the situation by stating that they did not receive any information about the evacuation.

Noting that while evacuating the citizens of many countries, the UK warned its citizens to “Do not leave the house, wait for news”, British citizens stated that they refused the evacuation opportunities provided by other countries for this reason.

While it is estimated that approximately 4,000 people with British passports are in Sudan, Britain made its first evacuation flight on the 10th day of the conflict.

The first evacuation plane, which is given priority to families with children and the sick and elderly, took off from Wadi Saeedna airbase in the north of Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.

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