British Muslim Council calls for ‘Gannushi’ to Britain

In the statement made by the MCB, it was stated that the two politicians are not only defenders of democracy, freedom and human rights, but also those who have close ties with British Muslims and support understanding and harmony between faiths.

Pointing out that Ferjani is a member of the MCB, the statement said, “Ghannouchi is the democratically elected president of the Tunisian Parliament and is known worldwide for his campaign for peace.” evaluation was made.

In the statement, which stated that Ghannouchi received international awards for this reason, “We invite the British government to raise the issue before the Tunisian authorities immediately. England is obliged to use its influence in defending democracy and human rights and to support those unlawfully arrested.” statements were included.

In the statement, it was also stated that MCB is in solidarity with Ghannouchi and Ferjani and is following the issue closely.

Ghannouchi was detained on 17 April and Ferjani was detained on 28 February.

Former Tunisian Parliament Speaker, leader of the Ennahda Movement, Ghannouchi, was detained by the security forces in a raid on his house at the time of iftar on April 17.

After that, the security forces closed the headquarters of Ennahda and the National Liberation Front in some cities.

Ferjani was detained on February 27 and subsequently arrested.

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