Businesses reacting to the purchase price of milk in Spain launched an action to pour their milk

Small businesses in Andalusia, especially in the south of the country, gave great support to the “I spill my milk” action initiated by milk producers’ associations through social media.

In a statement made by the organization called COAG, which is affiliated with livestock sector workers and farmers, Lactalis-Puleva claimed that the attempt of Lactalis-Puleva to pay 9 cents less per liter of milk would cause a loss of 20,000 euros per month for a business in the sector.

Announcing that more than 150 businesses have already participated in the action, milk producers said, “Puleva is forcing us to spill our milk. Because it has reduced purchases to get us to sign a new contract that will allow low price purchases. Enough is enough.” made the statement.

Noting that the price paid to milk producers is 32 cents per liter in the current situation, while the industry demands 40 cents due to the increase in costs, the businesses argued that if the participation in the action continues like this, 400 thousand liters of milk per day will be thrown away.

The actions of milk producers, who claimed that their sector was in a very difficult situation for over a year in Spain and demanded measures, had a great impact on social media.

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