Canadian general sues government for $6 million

Major General Fortin, who was appointed head of Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution organization in 2021 but was dismissed for allegedly sexually abusing a subordinate during his military school years, was acquitted of charges brought against him by the federal government, including Trudeau and two former national defense ministers. and sued senior military officials.

The lawsuit filed by Fortin’s legal team with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice includes charges of defamation, misconduct in the course of public office, conspiracy, and negligence against Trudeau and other executives.

Fortin is seeking a total of CAD 6 million in damages, including CAD 5 million in general damages and CAD 1 million in punitive damages, from the 16 individuals named in the petition.

The petition states that Fortin suffered losses due to libel and abuse of power, and charges Prime Minister Trudeau and other officials with negligence, improper public disclosure of private facts, breach of trust, and conspiracy to cause harm.

Described in the petition as “political actors acting in concert and consultation with one another”, Trudeau, former ministers and senior military executives said that Fortin had terminated his post at Public Health Canada for an alleged sexual assault during his military school years.

Although the Canadian Armed Forces announced that Major General Dany Fortin, who was cleared of all charges in January of this year, will be reassigned to a new role within the military, Thomas Conway, a lawyer from Fortin’s legal team, said the General’s return to a new role in the military would mean Prime Minister Trudeau. and “political actors acting in concert and consultation with each other”.

Conway said that despite Fortin’s acquittal, the stain on his reputation has not been cleaned. said.

“We will review the statement of claim and will not comment further at this time,” said Jessica Lamirande, spokesperson for Canada’s Ministry of National Defense, announcing that the Department of Defense plans to appoint Fortin to “appropriate roles commensurate with his rank and experience.” she said.

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