Ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian groups

According to the information received from sources close to the Palestinian groups, the ceasefire efforts carried out by Egypt between Tel Aviv and Palestinian groups for a few days yielded results.

It was reported that Egypt presented a new proposal for a ceasefire in the region and this was accepted by Palestinian groups and Israel.

It was reported that the ceasefire entered into force at 22:00 local time.

According to the ceasefire text obtained, the ceasefire includes an end to the targeting of civilians and the destruction of civilian settlements. The text also emphasizes Egypt’s adherence to the ceasefire with the parties.

On the other hand, after the ceasefire came into effect, hundreds of people took to the streets to celebrate in Gaza.

Convoys of cars and motorcycles were formed as well as the joyful demonstrations of those carrying Palestinian flags.

The Egyptian government worked for a temporary ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian groups, and separate meetings were held in Cairo with the delegations of the parties.

What happened?

On Tuesday, May 9, the Israeli army launched an attack on the besieged Gaza, arguing that it targeted the leadership of the Islamic Jihad Movement.

While 33 Palestinians, including 6 children and 3 women, have lost their lives in the Israeli attacks, 93 Palestinians, including 32 children and 17 women, have been injured.

Six members of the executive staff of Islamic Jihad were among those killed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

Palestinian groups responded to these attacks by firing more than a thousand rockets and mortar shells from Gaza to the Israeli side.

An Israeli was killed when one of the rockets fired from Gaza hit a residential building in the city of Rehovot on 11 May.

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