China’s ‘ideology czar’ Wang Huning becomes new chairman of advisory council

The 14th General Assembly of the CHSDK elected Wang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as chairman at its session held in the Great Hall of the People in the capital Beijing today.

Vang, 67, who was appointed as the chairman of the advisory council, which is the number four task in the state protocol, will continue this duty for 5 years.

Known as a name close to President Xi Jinping, Vang was one of the names that retained his place in the 7-member Standing Committee, the party’s highest governing body, at the CCP’s 20th National Congress in October 2022.

In the Congress, where Xi was elected to the general sectarian position for the third time and carried his power to the third term, Wang had risen to the 4th place in the party protocol.

“Czar of ideology”

Vang, who is known as China’s “czar of ideology”, “the brain behind the leaders”, said that President Xi’s thoughts called “Socialism with Chinese Character in the New Era”, concepts and policies such as “Chinese Dream” and “Belt and Road Initiative”. known to play an important role in its formulation.

A professor of international politics, Wang earned a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Normal University and a master’s degree from Fudan University.

Vang, who worked as an assistant, doctoral faculty member and professor at Fudan University between 1989-1989, was the director of the International Politics Department of the university between 1989-1994 and the dean of the Faculty of Law in 1994-1995.

In 1995, Wang began working at the Central Office of Political Studies, a think tank affiliated with the CCP. Vang, who became deputy director in 1998, headed the organization as a director for 15 years between 2002-2017.

Working closely with Chinese leaders during this period, Wang played a role in shaping previous Presidents Jiang Zimin’s “Three Representations” and Hu Cintao’s “Scientific Approach to Development” theories.

Elected to the CCP Central Committee in 2002, Vang was elected to the Party Secretariat in 2007, to the Political Bureau in 2012, and to the Standing Committee in 2017, rising through the party’s management ranks.

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