Clashes between police and demonstrators in France

The French demonstrated against pension reform in several cities, including Paris, Nantes, Rennes and Toulouse.

Demonstrators in Paris marched from Opera Square to Bastille Square.

Protesters carried banners reading “Let’s retire French President Emmanuel Macron”, chanting “We are here for the dignity of workers and a better world”, “Stand up Paris” and “Macron, we will come and get you home”.

Many shopkeepers on the streets where the cortege passed closed their shutters.

Some tradesmen took measures to protect their showcases, while banks took measures to protect their ATMs.

Tension rose during the show

Tensions rose between the police and the demonstrators from time to time during the demonstration.

Protesters set garbage bins on fire and smashed the shop windows of bus stops.

The police intervened the demonstrators with tear gas and batons.

[Fotoğraf: AP]

It was seen that some of the demonstrators were wearing masks and protective glasses to protect themselves from the gas in question.

Police and demonstrators were injured in the demonstration in Paris.

11 injured, 10 of whom are police officers, 47 detained

According to the data of the French press based on official sources, 11 people, including 1 demonstrator and 10 police officers, were injured and 47 people were detained.

Stating that he has been doing this job for 12 years, firefighter Nathan Normand emphasized that firefighters retire at the age of 57 in France in the current pension system, and this will increase to 59 with the said reform. said.

The General Workers’ Union (CGT) announced that 1.5 million people participated in the demonstrations held at approximately 280 points across the country.

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