Clashes between the terrorist organization and Arab tribes in Syria spread to the rural areas of Raqqa and Hasakah.

Arab tribes in the Operation Peace Spring (BPH) region cleared 4 villages in Raqqa and Haseke provinces occupied by PKK/YPG from terrorists.

Arab tribes in the BPH region launched an operation in the early hours of the morning to the areas occupied by PKK/YPG terrorists in the north of Raqqa and Hasakah.

Arab tribes in the BPH region, who wanted to support the tribes in Deir ez-Zor, cleared the terrorists of Halil Yasin, Khirbet Beyda in the north of Raqqa province, and Turgi and Tel Tavil villages in the north of Hasakah province.

Arab tribes send reinforcement convoys to these conflict zones.

The occupation of 24 villages by the terrorist organization in the areas east and southeast of Deir ez-Zor province, which is at the center of the conflict, has been ended since 27 August. The terrorist organization took back two villages in its attack yesterday.

Arab tribes cleared four villages in the Manbij countryside from PKK/YPG yesterday evening.

In Deir ez-Zor, which the organization seized under the name of “fighting DAESH” with the support of the US army, all of the people are Arabs.

The terrorist organization is forcibly recruiting child Arabs in the regions it occupies.

PKK/YPG provides financing for terrorist activities by selling the oil it obtained by confiscating oil wells in the region to the Damascus administration through smugglers despite the US sanctions.

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