Condemning the ‘racist’ statements of the Israeli Minister from Algeria

In the statement made by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Finance Minister Smotrich’s “racist” words that ignore the Palestinian people by using the Israel map that includes the Jordanian lands were reacted to.

“Algeria strongly condemns the provocative statements made by an official of the Zionist regime, which adopts the ideology of denying the right of the Palestinian people to exist and establish an independent state,” the statement said. Algeria also strongly condemns the same official’s use of an expansionist occupation map that includes the occupied Palestinian territories as well as the territories of the brotherly Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.” statements were included.

Emphasizing that this step of the Israeli Minister is “a new link added to the systematic crimes committed by the occupying state against the Palestinian people, their land and their holy places as part of a dangerous expansionist plan”, the statement said that this is a dangerous approach that ignores international law and threatens peace and security in the entire region. was pointed out.

In the statement, a call was made to the international community, especially the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), to fulfill their responsibilities in protecting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and establishing an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Israel’s far-right Finance Minister Smotrich, in his speech at the commemoration ceremony of former Likud Party Chairman Jacques Kupfer during his visit to Paris on March 19, stated that “There is no such thing as Palestine and the White House should hear it”. It was noteworthy that Smotrich used the “Israel map” including Jordan in the podium where he spoke.

Finance Minister Smotrich had previously stated that “Huvvara,” the Palestinian town that was the target of mass attacks by Jewish settlers on February 26, “must be wiped out from the face of the earth”. Smotrich, whose words received intense reactions in the international arena, was diplomatically isolated during his visits to the USA and France, and could not hold any official meetings.

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