Conflict continues between army and HDK in Sudan

The clashes in Sudan, which started yesterday morning and continued all night, did not slow down today.

Clashes intensified around Khartoum International Airport in the capital, as well as Meravi and Ubaid airports in the north, the Presidential Palace, the army headquarters in the capital and state television.

Safe roads will open

According to the statement made by the army in Sudan, “safe roads” will be opened for civilians to pass as of 16:00 and will last for 3 hours.

“This does not remove the rebel militia Rapid Support Forces’ right to respond in case of any breach,” the statement said.

Time started but gunshots didn’t stop

On the other hand, HDK announced that upon the request of the UN, safe roads will be opened for civilians and a 4-hour period will be given.

The HDK emphasized that it has the right to respond to the attacks, referring to the army. Gunshots are still heard even though the time has started.

56 people died, 595 people were injured

Armed clashes broke out yesterday morning between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary NGO in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum and its various cities.

The disagreement between the army and the HDK regarding the military security reform, which envisages the full participation of the HDK in the army, had turned into a hot conflict between the two powers.

It was reported that 56 civilians were killed and 595 people, including soldiers, were injured in the clashes in the country.

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