Coronavirus investigation completed in Italy – Breaking News

In the period when the epidemic was first seen in the country, the investigation came to an end, investigating allegations that it was late in the implementation of epidemic measures in and around Bergamo province, which is located in the Lombardy Region, and therefore the loss of life increased.

Bergamo Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that the comprehensive investigation that it started for three years on whether there is a fault in the epidemic management has been completed, with a statement made yesterday evening.

In the statement, it was emphasized that the investigation was completed at this stage and that this was not an indictment.

Among the suspects in the investigation; Prime Minister of the time Giuseppe Conte and then Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, former Civil Defense General Manager Angelo Borrelli, Lombardy Regional President Attilio Fontana, Head of the Italian Institute of Higher Health (ISS), Prof. Silvio Brusaferro and ISS Council President Prof. There are top names such as Franco Locatelli. The prosecutor’s office also applied to the statements of these names during the investigation.

In the news in the Italian media, it was stated that the lack of strict measures in the Seriana Valley near Bergamo on the days when the cases were most intense, the closing and reopening of the hospital in Alzano, and the country’s lack of an up-to-date epidemic prevention plan were the backbone of the investigation.

It was noted that notifications began to be sent to the suspects named in the investigation, stating that charges such as gross negligence in the management of the epidemic, causing the death of many people, and abuse of office could be brought.

It was reported that the notifications of Conte and Speranza, since they are prime ministers and ministers, were sent to the Ministerial Court, which deals with the files about those who served in these offices.

Former Prime Minister and former Health Minister ready to cooperate with the judiciary

Conte, who was the technocratic Prime Minister when the epidemic started in Italy and is currently leading the 5 Star Movement (M5S), said in a written statement, “I learned about the investigation in Bergamo from news agencies. I am ready to cooperate with the judiciary at the highest level. Great dedication and full dedication in one of the most difficult moments of our republic. I am at peace in front of my country and Italian citizens because I work with a sense of responsibility.” used the phrases.

Speaking to the Adnkronos agency, Minister of Health Speranza at the time said, “I am calm and I am sure that I have always acted in a disciplined and dignified manner in the interests of the country. As always, I have full confidence in the judiciary.” made its assessment.

Those who lost their relatives from COVID-19: “The history of the massacre is being rewritten”

The association founded by those who lost their relatives from COVID-19 also said in a statement regarding the completion of the investigation, “From today on, the history of the massacre in Bergamo and Lombardy, the history of our families, the history that caused our losses are being rewritten. What happened in the spring of 2020 is not because of COVID-19, but whether it was received or not It’s a decision.” statements were included.

What happened?

In the first days of the epidemic in Italy, the Prime Minister of the coalition government consisting of the 5 Star Movement (M5S)-Democratic Party (PD)-Free and Equals (LeU) parties, Conte, firstly on March 8, 2020, to prevent the rapidly increasing number of cases and spread in the epidemic. He placed the Lombardy Region and 14 cities in the north into the red zone. After this decision, as the people in the cities in question flocked to the south on the same night with the fear of indefinite closure, Conte declared a quarantine in all of Italy on March 9, 2020, and brought a travel restriction.

According to the data of the Italian Ministry of Health, more than 27 thousand people died from Kovid-19 in February-March-April 2020, which is officially accepted as the first period of the Kovid-19 epidemic that started in February 2020. The Lombardy Region, which was the center of the epidemic at that time, led the way in loss of life. In the Lombardy Region, especially in the city of Bergamo, on March 18-19, 2020, due to the high number of deaths due to the epidemic, the images in which the bodies were taken out of the city by military trucks were remembered.

Today, as we enter the 3rd anniversary of the epidemic, the number of deaths from COVID-19 in Italy has exceeded 188,000.

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