Country changed when 15-year-old boy played hide and seek

Fahim, 15, was playing hide-and-seek with friends in the city of Chittagong, Bangladesh on January 12.

It was hidden in a shipping container on a ship. However, he fell asleep there.

The cargo ship MV Integra, which left Chittagong city of Bangladesh on January 12 with a load of 1,337 containers, arrived at Port Klang Port of Malaysia on January 16, after a 5-day sea voyage.

Fahim, who was found at the end of 6 days without eating or drinking, was hospitalized and treated.

In a statement on the subject, the Malaysian Interior Minister stated that they did not find any evidence of human trafficking in the incident and that the incident was an accident.

It was also stated that the child will be sent back to his country after health checks.

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