Cybercriminals target the world of Harry Potter

According to Kaspersky’s statement, Harry and his worldwide legion of Potterheads, who were among the bestsellers on Steam and PlayStation 5 weeks before their release, are being actively targeted by cybercriminals who offer downloads of cracked “Hogwarts Legacy” games for PCs.

The game, which has reached extraordinary sales figures and is set in the legendary wizarding world, has millions of fans around the world. Back in the days before the game was even released, Kaspersky researchers found numerous examples of sites offering “Hogwarts Legacy” downloads on PC.

When trying to download a cracked game, gamers actually downloaded malware or unwanted software onto their device. Spreading programs can range from adware that pops advertisements on a user’s screen to trojans that silently gather information about the user.

Kaspersky Security Specialist Olga Svistunova, whose views were included in the statement, said, “The game about the world of Harry Potter had already become a real phenomenon, spoken by many players around the world, even before it was released. It’s especially popular with the younger generation and those like me who grew up with books about the wizard boy. With such a huge fan base, the game has become a target for cybercriminals who want to capitalize on the popularity of the world-famous fairy tale. “Our advice, as always, is to be careful and only download games from official app stores and don’t forget to use a security solution.”

The statement included the following recommendations for protection from malware:

“Only from official sites it is safer to buy and download games. Do not trust offers to buy a new expensive game as a gift, it is often a scam. Wherever possible, protect your accounts with two-factor authentication. For others, review account settings Use strong passwords and a unique password for each account, this way even if one of your accounts is stolen, the rest won’t go with it.

It’s safer not to use the same password for online games that you use for other services. A strong, reliable security solution will help you a lot, especially if it doesn’t slow down your computer while gaming. But it will also protect you from all possible cyber threats. We recommend Kaspersky Total Security, which works seamlessly with Steam and other game services.”

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