Czech Republic to buy armored combat vehicles worth $2.7 billion from Sweden

Czech Defense Minister Jana Cernochova stated that the agreement to purchase 246 CV 90 armored combat vehicles manufactured by the Swedish company BAE Systems Hägglunds AB is worth $2.7 billion and has been approved by the government.

In the statement of the Ministry of Defense, it was stated that mutual signatures were signed with the Swedish side after the first delivery was made in 2026 and the rest was completed in 2030.

Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonson said in a statement that he “thought the CV 90 armored combat vehicle was the right choice for the Czech Republic”.

Czech authorities also announced that they will hold talks with the German government to purchase the German-made Leopard-2 A8 tank.

The Czech army uses modernized versions of Soviet-era T-72 tanks and signed an agreement to buy 14 Leopard-2 A4 tanks from Germany after supplying dozens of T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

The Czechs are also in talks with the United States to purchase 24 F-35 fighter jets, but no agreement has yet been made between the two states.

According to the information on the website of BAE Systems Hägglunds AB, CV 90 is used primarily by Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia and Denmark.

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