Death toll rises to 10 in armed attack at school in Serbia

On May 3, the number of victims of a gun attack carried out by a 14-year-old student at a primary school in the capital Belgrade rose to 10.

A girl who was seriously injured in the incident died in the hospital where she was treated.

In the attack on 3 May, 9 people, including 8 children and a security guard, died at the scene, and 7 people were injured, including 6 children and a teacher.

After the attack that stifled the country, eyes were turned to unlicensed weapons in the hands of citizens.

President Aleksandar Vucic’s call to voluntarily hand over the weapons to the authorities was met.

Danilo Stevandic, Undersecretary of the Serbian Interior Ministry, announced that in just seven days, more than 17,890 weapons and ammunition were delivered to citizens, of which 15,247 were weapons and 2,643 small explosives.

After the bloody attack, some school administrations tightened their security measures. Locking all entrance doors of schools, assigning duty teachers to each floor, checking students’ bags are some of the measures taken.

Parents argue that thanks to these measures, the cases of peer bullying, which is frequently seen in Serbia, will also decrease and it will contribute to the freer complaints of students.

Just two days after the school attack in Serbia, a 21-year-old attacker shot randomly from a moving vehicle in Mladenvac, Belgrade, killing 8 people.

After two shootings in which 17 people died, national mourning was declared in the country.

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