Dozens of schoolgirls poisoned in Iran

The cases in which more than 5 thousand students have been poisoned in Iran so far have started again with the end of the Nowruz holiday.

According to the news of Iranian state television, Maziyar Mevlayi, Head of Heftkel Health and Treatment Center, made a statement regarding the student poisoning in Heftkel city of Khuzestan province.

66 students were treated

Mevlayi stated that after receiving news that the health condition of some students at Hacer High School in the city was deteriorating, emergency teams went to the school in question and some of the female students were taken to the hospital.

Noting that the health teams as well as the parents took the students to the hospital with their own means, Mevlayi stated that 66 female students were treated in the incident in question.

Mevlayi stated that the condition of the students who were taken to the hospital is good and that the parents should not worry.

Poisoning cases in Ardebil

In the Iranian media, news were published that students were poisoned in some girls’ schools in Ardebil province.

While no statement was made regarding the number of poisoned students, Provincial Health Institution officials noted that poisoning cases were experienced in 5 schools.

The authorities stated that many students who were taken to the hospital showed symptoms of shortness of breath and headache, and that their condition was good.

Students hospitalized in Urmiye

On the other hand, on the news site “sharghdaily”, it was stated that some students were poisoned in a girls’ school in Urmia city of West Azerbaijan province.

While it was reported that the students were poisoned due to the gas emitted at the school, no statement was made regarding the number of students who were hospitalized.

Mass poisoning cases in schools in Iran

Since November 30, 2022, there have been mass poisoning cases in schools where mostly female students are educated in Iran.

The students show symptoms such as respiratory distress, nausea, headache and numbness in the limbs. More than 5,000 students have been poisoned in 238 schools so far.

In a written statement on March 11, Iran’s Ministry of Interior announced that more than 100 people were suspected of being connected to mass poisoning cases in schools in Tehran, Qom, Zanjan, Khuzestan, Hamadan, Fars, Gilan, West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan (Tabriz), Kurdistan and Razavi Khorasan provinces. announced that many people had been detained.

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