Dozens of soldiers whose commanders were dismissed in Israel left their bases

Dozens of soldiers in Israel left their bases in response to the dismissal of their commanders.

In the news in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, it was stated that the soldiers in question were stationed at the “Tzeelim” military base in the occupied West Bank, west of Ramallah.

It was noted that dozens of soldiers in the Golani Brigade left the base to protest the dismissal of the company commander, leaving their “Tavor” type weapons at the military base during training.

While the number of military personnel is not shared, persuasion negotiations continue.

In the newspaper’s report, it was also stated that Brigade Commander Yiftah Norkin met with the soldiers to explain the decision about their commander and persuade them to return to the camp.

While the name of the dismissed Israeli commander was not shared, no information was shared about the number of military personnel leaving the base.

In a statement made on the Twitter account of the Israeli army, it was evaluated that what happened was a serious event that did not comply with the values ​​of the army.

It was stated that the investigation and investigation about the incident is continuing.

The Israeli Army announced that the commander of the Golani Brigade was dismissed not because of a specific incident, but because of the “inconsistency” in his performance in his duty.

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