Ersin Tatar: The frame needs to be drawn in order to sit at the negotiating table

Ersin Tatar, President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), met with representatives of non-governmental organizations and young people from the Turkish Cypriot community at the London Representation of the TRNC as part of his contacts in London, the capital of England.

Listening to the problems and demands, Tatar emphasized the importance of the support of the Turkish Cypriot community living in England and asked them to contribute to the efforts to strengthen the new policy in unity.

After the meeting, President Tatar’s book “Vision of Two States in Cyprus” was introduced.

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In his speech here, Tatar thanked those who contributed to the preparation of the book, and noted that the vision of a solution based on two states was explained in the book and that a good work emerged.

“Turkish Cypriots will continue to explain their cause and justification”

Tatar stated that he met with British parliamentarians and journalists and told about the cause and struggle of the Turkish Cypriots.

Referring to the attempt to prevent him from entering a conference at a university in London yesterday, Tatar noted that the action in question was aimed at preventing the Turkish Cypriot people from making their voices heard.

Tatar said, “After all, the fact that this insult made to me is actually a disrespect, insult and attack on the Turkish Cypriot people has also taken place in the whole Turkish world. Therefore, the other party will probably learn a lesson from this.” said.

Underlining that the Turkish Cypriots will continue to explain their cause and righteousness, Tatar emphasized that if there is to be an agreement in Cyprus, it must be in accordance with the principle of two separate states.

Tatar noted that no one could force the TRNC to accept an agreement by imposition.

“We don’t think Christodoulides would say anything different”

Asked whether a dynamism is expected in the Cyprus talks after the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA) leader Nikos Christodoulidis, Tatar said, “Now, of course, they are trying to attract us to certain places, but the framework needs to be drawn in order to sit at the negotiating table. Our equality and equal international status must be established.” gave the answer.

Tatar reminded that in fact, Christodoulides was elected with the support of extremist elements, he said “no” to the Annan Plan in the past and played a major role in the overthrow of the negotiating table at the conference in Crans-Montana.

President Tatar concluded his speech as follows:

“In that respect, we don’t think he will say anything different. That’s why we say, yes, there may be relations, there may be informal conversations, but in order to get to the official negotiation table, the framework must be determined. When that framework is determined, you will show your difference from others. What is his approach to Turkish Cypriots, our sovereign equality? Will you agree or not? If not, there’s no point sitting at the official negotiating table.”

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