EU discomfort in Sweden: Swexit rumors on the agenda

Akesson told Aftonbladet newspaper that the ever-expanding power of the EU means that German, Polish or French politicians “in practice decide which car to buy, how expensive the petrol should be and which tree you can cut down on your property”.

Jimmie Akesson noted that the reorganization of relations with the EU, more exemptions from the laws of the union should be sought and they have good reasons to seriously reassess their membership.

While the far-right leader’s statements caused Swexit rumors in Sweden, Akesson did not call for the UK to leave the EU with a referendum, as was the case with Brexit in 2016.

Delicate balance in parliament strengthens SD’s hand

According to the results of the general election held on September 11, 2022 in Sweden, right-wing parties received 49.6 percent, while the minority government and ruling left-wing parties received 48.9 percent.

Accordingly, right-wing parties won 176 seats and left-wing parties won 173 seats in the 349-seat parliament.

Raising the vote to 20.5 percent, SD, which became the country’s second largest party, managed to create a dependency on itself in return for external support, even though it remained outside the coalition formed by parties that did not want it in the government. In return, he obtained the chairmanship of 4 committees in the parliament.

Because the coalition government formed by the Moderate Conservative Party, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrat Party can secure the majority in the parliament with only 3 seats.

According to a survey conducted by the University of Gothenburg in March, Swedes are among the nations with the most positive approach to the EU, with 68 percent.

The country applied with Finland to join NATO last year. Finland’s NATO application was accepted.

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