EU: F-16 training of Ukrainian pilots begins in Poland

Borrell made a statement to the press at the entrance of the meeting of the defense ministers of the EU countries.

“I am happy that F-16 training has finally started to be given to Ukrainian pilots.” Borrell said that this will take time, but the faster it is completed, the better.

Borrell stated that the trainings started in a few countries and stated that one of these countries was Poland.

When asked at what stage the joint procurement process is for EU countries to accelerate the delivery of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, Borrell stated that this process is progressing.

At the G7 Meeting held in Japan last week, the way was cleared for the delivery of F-16 warplanes to Ukraine.

agenda of defense ministers

At the meeting, the main agenda will be accelerating the arms and ammunition support demanded by Ukraine.

Training of Ukrainian soldiers will also be on the agenda. EU officials state that the training of 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers has been completed so far, and they plan to increase this to 20 thousand.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will also attend part of the EU Defense Ministers Meeting.

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